What Dental Treatments Are To Be Done In The Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata

What Dental Treatments Are To Be Done In The Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata

Our teeth are one of our best parts of the body. As it is just in the centre of our face and it comes out whenever we smile. A beautiful pair of teeth is all one can desire. Because a beautiful smile can brightens up the face. It is often said that there is no need of any makeup or expensive other stuffs than a beautiful smile. 

But if a person’s teeth are not in proper shape then it is very difficult for the person to be confident in public. That is why those who have born with quite unshaped teeth they are very insecure about them because whenever they smile, their teeth comes out and to very honest it doesn’t look good. So, in order to make them confident make it look good one need to search for best dental clinic in Kolkata. 

What types of dental braces are there?

There are different types of dental braces like the metal, ceramic and invisible. All of this cost from the budget of 25000 to 30000 rupees. Although invisible dental brace of invisalign costs are more than the other ones. There are a lot of invisible dental braces in Kolkata that can help you.

The metal worn 

Among these three types of braces the metal worn is the most common one. It is generally prescribed to children who are born with totally unshaped teeth. So that’s why they have to use the metal braces to keep them in shape. Between every 4 to 6 weeks of implanting the braces the person has to go to the doctor for checking and tightening of the wires. Ceramic braces are basically given to the older people who are very old I have lost almost all of the teeth. So they have to take the whole set of fake ceramic teeth to make it look like real and it also helps them to chew food.

Invisible braces or invisalign 

Another very important and quite new type of brace is invisible braces or invisalign. Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata is also done in many of those special dental clinics although the charges are different in different places.

There are various factors upon which how long a person should be at the brace. Depends from the patients age to the movement of the teeth, the condition of the mouth, everything is based on the whole duration of wearing the braces. But still generally these orthodontic cases are finished within 12 months but in some cases it takes after 24 months.


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