Cervical Decompression Surgery in India at Affordable Cost

Cervical Decompression Surgery in India at Affordable Cost

Cervical Decompression refers to the treatment of the upper section of the spine, that is the region between the neck and the skull. Any compression on the cervical nerves affect the posture of the body and also result in severe pain. 

First, the doctors try to cure the disorder using non-operative treatment. They analyse the body and response of the patient to the surgery. If there is some improvement in the health of the patient, then the doctor continues with the non-surgical ways, if there is no improvement, then the doctors recommend for the Cervical Decompression Surgery. 

The surgery can be highly expensive in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and Turkey providing successful cervical decompression treatment. If we talk about the price of treatment, it can be as high as 128,000. 

On the contrary, Cervical Decompression Treatment Cost India is possible at the minimum expenses that are 4,500 dollars to 7,000 US dollars.

What are the Factors Responsible for Varying the Cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery in India?

Every treatment has a particular range in a specific country. However, there are certain factors responsible for the variation in the cost of treatment. 

The factors responsible for the change in the price of cervical decompression treatment in India include:

  • The result of the diagnosis performed on the patient before the surgery. If the patient suffers only from cervical disorder, then the cost of treatment is less. At the same time, if the details of the results convey that the patient suffers from other health disorders, too, then the cost of treatment, as well as a diagnosis, also increases.
  • Every hospital delivering medical services possess their specific rates for a particular surgery. There can be a variation of +- 10% if you seek the quote from different hospitals in the same country. In India, you will receive a quote anywhere in between USD 4,500 to 7,000.
  • Apart from the hospital, the surgeons and the medical team also have a different fee for performing the medical procedure. It may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon, his experience,  his success rate for performing the surgeries and some other factors too. 
  • The price of the prognosis also varies depending on age, sex, and medical condition of the patient. So, this cost can either increase or decrease your overall expenses.
  • When you plan your treatment in a foreign country, there can be certain non-medical expenses too. It includes several days spent inside and outside the hospital before, during or after the surgery, travel cost, food, etc. It is also a variable cost that enhances or reduces the overall price of operation.

Final Words:

Cervical Treatment Cost in India, inclusive of all the medical and non-medical expenses is a minimum of 40 to 50% less than other countries delivering quality treatment.

So, if you want to avail the successful cervical treatment and that too at an affordable cost, plan your medical tourism to India. In case you require any help, medical tourism companies in the country can help you in making all the necessary arrangements.


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