What You Must Know About This Home Gym From Adidas

What You Must Know About This Home Gym From Adidas

People often think that they can’t have it all when it comes to getting the body they want. They think that they will need to spend hours at the gym lifting weights and doing cardio exercises, depending on what their fitness goals are but with the Adidas home gym system, you can finally have it all, and right from the comfort of your very own home! 

What Else Are You Waiting For?

It is a fact that when the New Year rolls around every year, people start to feel the pressure of making a new year’s resolution and many studies show that people often state that getting healthy to be their top priority. Unfortunately the statistics say that a whopping 80% of these people often give up by the time February comes around but are they really to blame? 

With the home gym system from Adidas, there Is no longer a need to look for gyms that are closer to your work or home to make commuting easier, no need to have to share equipment with other sweaty gym goers and best of all, still get the results from the comfort of their very own homes! 

The Features You Need, Always!

Everyone knows that this Adidas 200 gym review aims to provide users with everything they will need to not only add more buff to their muscles but to also give them the variations of exercises that they will inadvertently need. That is why the home gym from Adidas comes with all weights positioned at strategic locations that will allow you to perform full body workouts on it.

Some of the highlights include that it has a 200lb weigh pack with oversized thick pads measuring 65mm to give you the necessary grip especially when you are working with extremely heavy weights. It has a max user weight limit of 135 KG as people who weigh above that should consult their doctors first before undergoing any form of exercise program on the home gym. 

Maximum Value For The Price You Pay For

While the home gym system from Adidas may not be the cheapest out there, it certainly more than makes up for its price tag by providing an immense level of value to the user because when you think about it, the product provides such a complete and robust system that you will no longer need to have a gym membership! 

Think of the money you will spend in the long run from having to pay monthly fees and time commuting to the gym when you have this beauty sitting at home? Then there’s also the ability of the gym at home to help you build, tone and strengthen your body!


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